3 major archeological discoveries of recent times


Archeologists are always moving around the world to make interesting discoveries about the past. In recent years, there have been some interesting discoveries that have stunned people. Here are three major archeological discoveries made in the last few years.

Hidden Chambers in Tut’s Tomb


Two hidden chambers were found inside the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen’s tomb. The chambers were sealed for millennia. The site was overlooked by Howard Carter in 1920. When Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves was looking at the laser scans of the tomb, he found the doors to the chambers. Radar scanning and thermal imaging suggest the presence of empty spaces. It is assumed that the burial chamber of Queen Nefertiti is behind one of the walls.

Unlooted grave of wealthy warrior in Greece


An unlooted grave of a wealthy warrior was found in the southwester Peloponnese. There were many traditionally female grave goods buried with the warrior. Combs, beads, mirror, etc. were found. There were many precious pieces of jewelry.

Treasure on Sunken Spanish Galleon


It is told to be the most valuable shipwreck ever. This Spanish galleon laden has about one billion dollars worth of precious gems and metals. Many people are claiming for their part in the discovery of this ship. Columbia’ president said that his country had located the ship. A private U.S. salvage firm Sea Search Armada is claiming that it found the wreck 30 years ago. Even Spain is claiming about the ship. So, there might be a huge fight regarding this matter soon.

These discoveries are amazing. The archeological experts are working harder to find more discoveries that might reveal much interesting information about our past.