4 interesting facts about plate tectonics


The earth’s surface is divided into tectonic plates. It is part of the earth’s rigid outer layer called lithosphere. There are 16 large tectonics plates and many small plates. The land in our earth is not fixed. It is constantly moving. We hardly notice the movement as it is very slow. It moves about one to six inches every year. Here are some interesting facts about plate tectonics.

Presence of tectonic in the universe


According to the experts, tectonic is present in the other parts of the universe as well. In 2005, Huygens Probe took the pictures of Titan, then largest moon of the planet Saturn. The tectonic activities of the moon were evident in the pictures.

Three types of tectonic boundaries


Three types of tectonic boundaries are created due to the movement of the plates. The convergent boundary forms where plates move into one another; divergent occurs when the plates move apart, and transform takes place when the plates move sideways to each other.

Volcanos show evidence of tectonics


Mountains and hills that are formed due to volcanos show that tectonics is present. Many mountains look as if a deck of cards is folded up. Some areas of rocks are at a different angle than the others. This happens because plates push each other.

Mid-Atlantic Ridge


The Mid-Atlantic Ridge at the center of the Atlantic Ocean pulls apart every year. The opening lets magma leave the place. There is volcanic activities underwater as the plates pull apart.

Geological experts have carried out various researches on tectonic plates. It is a wonder how our earth’s surface moves. We might find more interesting information about tectonic plates movements in future.