4 warning signs of volcanic eruption


Scientists monitor volcanic activities to predict when volcanos might erupt. This will help to save many lives and properties. It is easier to forecast the eruption of dormant volcanoes. It is more difficult to forecast the eruption of an active volcano, as there is the constant emission of gasses and seismic activities are also going on continuously. Scientists are still working on it, and they have come with some signs that may indicate volcanic eruption.

  • If an active volcano is quiet for a long time, then it’s an indication that it will erupt soon. Researchers tracked 50 explosions in the Telica Volcan in Nicaragua and found that 35 of them were preceded by quiet period. The quiet periods lasted from six minutes to more than ten hours.
  • Seismicity is the most common way of monitoring volcanic eruption. If there is an increase in seismic activity on a quiet volcano, then it’s an indication of volcanic eruption.
  • By studying ground deformation, you can tell whether a volcano will erupt soon or not. The changes in surface can be measured using various techniques.
  • You can also predict volcanic eruption by monitoring the gasses that come out of it. If you see any anomalous increase in temperature of the gasses, then it is an indication of volcanic eruption.

Satellite data is now used to monitor volcanoes. You can obtain thermal images of volcanic areas with the help of the satellite. Making a more accurate prediction about the volcanic eruption in future is possible.