Geo History, a magazine about geology and history, was established in 1999. Since the beginning, it’s broad scope, and high production values kept it at the forefront of the history and geology field. There are original papers, review articles, discussions on various aspects of history and geology, and more. Topics include marine geology, volcanology, geochronology, geohazards, earth history, and more.

The magazine is full of spectacular photography and refreshing stories on subjects related to geology and history. In every issue, you will find the latest news and developments in these areas. There are compelling stories to grab the attention of he readers. There are interviews with the experts in the field. You will know about the latest discoveries in these fields and what works are going on currently in these areas.

If you have an interest in geology and history, you will learn a lot about these in our magazine. Students, researchers, and academicians will also greatly benefit from this magazine.So, subscribe with us today!